Monson Slate Products

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Apr 21st 2018

You would think, since there's not much going on up here in the woods, we would have a better grasp of the slate industry in a town just 20 miles south of us.  Not me.  When I thought of Mon … read more


Jan 21st 2018

I am so excited!  For the past couple of years I've wanted to add products from Passamaquoddy Maple.  Being a "bootstrap" business, I've had to wait until we could afford to, and here we are … read more

Me, Myself & I

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Dec 2nd 2017

I always smile when I get emails from people reaching out to my business.  "May I contact your outreach department?" That's me. "Please forward to your shipping personnel"  That's me too.&nb … read more

Tough Maine Women

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Oct 22nd 2017

I've been told "you're tough" a lot in the last few weeks.  And "you can do this"   "you can beat this"   and all the other encouragements we give each other.  Almost a m … read more

Does Anyone Straighten Nails Anymore?

Posted by Janet R Chasse on Sep 4th 2017

I was organizing in our camp's workshop, and came across a bucket of nails.  I knew what needed to be done, sort them by size.  I quickly figured out they were probably on their way to the l … read more