Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Jul 24th 2019

I am surrounded by wood. I’m living in a house built in 1855 in the middle of the woods, yes, that photo is the floor joists for my dining room.  Logs and rough sawn boards. My kitchen is “kno … read more

Thinking About Winter in July

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Jul 24th 2018

7:45 pm on July 24th, and I suddenly realized it's getting dark.  I checked the weather app, the sun officially sets at 8:14 tonight.  Those super long days, when it stays light until after … read more

Monson Slate Products

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Apr 21st 2018

You would think, since there's not much going on up here in the woods, we would have a better grasp of the slate industry in a town just 20 miles south of us.  Not me.  When I thought of Mon … read more


Jan 21st 2018

I am so excited!  For the past couple of years I've wanted to add products from Passamaquoddy Maple.  Being a "bootstrap" business, I've had to wait until we could afford to, and here we are … read more

Me, Myself & I

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Dec 2nd 2017

I always smile when I get emails from people reaching out to my business.  "May I contact your outreach department?" That's me. "Please forward to your shipping personnel"  That's me too.&nb … read more