Me, Myself & I

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Dec 2nd 2017

I always smile when I get emails from people reaching out to my business.  "May I contact your outreach department?" That's me. "Please forward to your shipping personnel"  That's me too.&nb … read more

Tough Maine Women

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Oct 22nd 2017

I've been told "you're tough" a lot in the last few weeks.  And "you can do this"   "you can beat this"   and all the other encouragements we give each other.  Almost a m … read more

Does Anyone Straighten Nails Anymore?

Posted by Janet R Chasse on Sep 4th 2017

I was organizing in our camp's workshop, and came across a bucket of nails.  I knew what needed to be done, sort them by size.  I quickly figured out they were probably on their way to the l … read more

Summer on the East Side of Moosehead Lake

Posted by Janet Chasse on Jul 19th 2017

Wow!  My last blog entry was about ice out in April?  Things get crazy around here once the ice does go out.  It was May 1st this year.  I know we get 7 or 8 months without ice, bu … read more

Ice Out on Moosehead Lake

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Apr 8th 2017

We never know when the ice is going to catch on Moosehead, in 2015 people were jumping in the lake on Christmas Day (not staying in long), this year we had a normal freeze.  The earliest the ice … read more