Our Story

Welcome to Moosehead Marketplace, our online store in Greenville, Maine. This business came about in 2014, when we were wishing our local economy could become stronger. We wanted an opportunity for local artists, chefs, builders and crafters to market their wares 365 days a year, since there is such a short tourism season here.

Since we are so remote, an online store is the best way to do that. We primarily feature artisans in the Moosehead region, but also have added a few others from Maine. We sell stand alone products, and also assortments in sturdy pine crates our family builds. A fun gift for you to send or enjoy yourself. Many of the products feature local sustainable natural resources.

Moosehead Lake, Maine is a freshwater 40 mile lake, populated on its shores by a handful of small towns and settlements: Greenville, Rockwood, Seboomook, Lily Bay and Beaver Cove. The 100 mile wilderness piece of the Appalachian Mountain Trail runs just to the East of us, Baxter State Park to the North, and an abundance of forests, mountains, ponds and rivers surrounds us. Once a center of the logging industry, we are now a destination for vacationers.

The area is loved by many, including the few thousand who live in the Moosehead area, and the visitors who have been coming here for generations. We hope you enjoy and will share our gifts.

Thank you, Janet & Brian Chasse


Hand-Crafted With The Grain Bowls Nestled Among Autumn Leaves In Our Backyard!