Moosehead Love Story

Moosehead Love Story

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Feb 12th 2017

This is a dangerous love story to tell.  Because, I will for sure, leave out some of the key characters.  It's about a love so deep, it will never die.  It's a torch that the lovers are … read more

Winter at Moosehead Lake

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Jan 17th 2017

Joe, Jerry, me (Janet) and Joni.  Jeff and Jon came shortly    I grew up in Greenville, Maine, on Franklin Place.  It's on your right just beyond the overpass, coming into tow … read more

My Daughter Made Me Do It (But I'm happy she did).

Posted by Janet Chasse on Dec 31st 2016

I'm changing my shipping  charges. I knew shipping was killing my profit, I would pay $17.00 to ship a crate to the West Coast, or to a Southern state, and knew that it was every penny of my prof … read more

From Guest Blogger Shelley Fleming Wigglesworth

Posted by Shelley Fleming-Wigglesworth on Oct 6th 2016

In the winter of 2015, Janet and Brian Chasse of Greenville, Maine ventured out and started a home based business that the two believed in wholeheartedly, a business that would not only benefit t … read more

We're having a "Staying in Business" Sale

Posted by Janet Chasse on Aug 18th 2016

As opposed to a "Going Out of Business" sale.  An unusual sale, because I'm not marking anything down!  Of course there are already items on sale, some on clearance, those are a great d … read more