Seven Sets of Hands, no, wait, Ten!

Posted by Janet Richards Chasse on Mar 26th 2021

That's what I was thinking about, as I sat and looked at the photo of this gift crate, seven sets of hands in that one assortment.  (1.) set is my husband Brian's hands, they are a wreck after years of carpentry work.  But still he built (and still builds) the crates in our backyard workshop, for my "brainchild" Moosehead Marketplace. 

(2.) Sharon's hands get sore and she has to take breaks from whittling the many birds, Christmas ornaments, and now gnomes she makes for us.  And those same hands painstakingly paint each one. But it sure is a labor of love, she's always thinking up new ones to make.

(3.) And then there's Gary's busy hands, from Moose Bee, one of his many hats.  He makes the jam and granola we put in crates, but also sell individually.   You may know him from his taco stand he's had in downtown Greenville, his Big Moose Deli at the ski area, or his catering. 

(4.) Michele's hands create the stained glass cardinals, each a little different, but all beautiful.  She also solders other gorgeous stained glass pieces.  She's been a part of the Moosehead region craft fairs for years, but found herself without a sales outlet when they cancelled craft fairs last year.  We're happy to oblige and love carrying her products.

(5.and 6.)There are two sets of hands (actually 6 if you count the kids) over at Maine Mountain Soap and Candle.  They have a lovely shop here in Greenville, and also sell wholesale to businesses like ours.  They closed last summer due to family health concerns, but do offer online and curbside pick up sales.  A great family and very accommodating, Josh and Heather are always quick to put items together for me.  I love their products, and their commitment to natural ingredients.  

(7.) Another set of hands, Robin's, sews and stuffs the balsam fir bags.  But wait, first a set of hands, Ryan's, picked up the Christmas trees, dried, and processed them for the balsam needles.  So there's 8 sets of hands.  This is the most popular balsam pillow we sell, the chickadee.

Oops, make that nine!  Customers have a choice, they can get their gift assortments in a crate, or a canvas bag.  Bonnie (9.) makes those bags, and will even do custom ones in bulk for family or corporate events.

Oh, darn it, I almost forgot!  And I often forget, to put a card in the crate photos.  But you do get a handcrafted card with each gift crate, made by Robin, from Moose River Card Shop.  She's always thinking up new ones to try, and also has a shop on Etsy where you can pick them up.

So, that should be it, for that gift crate. Of course, there are many more makers, in our other gift crates, and products sold individually.  Our customers were a lifesaver for many vendors, online sales was the place to be, and having done it for the last 6 years, we were ready to go.  We're still ready, any time you need a gift, for any occasion, we can get it there for you.  Thank you!