Maine Stories ~ LewEllyn Hughes

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A collection of short stories by Greenville author Lew-Ellyn Hughes, fun and thoughtful to read.  Stories about life in rural Maine.  237 pages of tales, delightful reading.


George Smith, Bangor Daily News writes: 


"I loved Maine Stories by Lew-Ellyn Hughes, who captures the state we love. Her columns feature Maine in so many ways and I enjoyed every column. This wonderful book was published by Maine Authors Publishing. Lew-Ellyn’s Maine experiences mirror many of mine. She spent lots of time in the woods at her family’s camp in Greenville. And her exceptional descriptions put you right there. Actually, I have been right there!


She writes about everything from teaching young kids to ski at Sugarloaf to hosting guests at her B&B, gardening to Halloween, and talking turkey to granny rules. My wife Linda is an avid gardener, and she loved the gardening column about a fanatic gardener".