Blair Hill and Highlands on Moosehead Lake

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Moosehead Lake is the largest lake in Maine, covering nearly 75,000 acres in the Highlands Region. Greenville, located on its southern shore, became the gateway to the lake early on because of its location and by being the last village to get supplies before the North Woods. The area of Blair Hill in Greenville was at first the farm of early settler Edmund Scammon and his family, but it soon became famous for its view of Moosehead Lake. Successful business leaders like Victor Macfarlane and Andrew Jackson Sloper built summer homes on Blair Hill to enjoy the climate and scenery. The Highlands area on the southern side of Blair Hill was developed for vacationers and contained small affordable cabins as well as the famous Moosehead Coffee House. From stately mansions to simple cabins, the retreats constructed here were as varied as the people who built them. Local authors Sean and Johanna Billings explore the fascinating history of this area and its people.

Sean D. Billings is licensed as a professional engineer. He received his bachelor's degree in engineering technology from Temple University. He has been involved in historical societies for the last twenty-five years and is currently a trustee for the Moosehead Historical Society. He is the author of the books Incline Planes of Pennsylvania and Dieter's Foundry . Johanna S. Billings is an award-winning writer, editor and photographer. She worked for newspapers and has also appeared in national magazines, including Redbook , Reader's Digest and Cat Fancy . Johanna received her bachelor's degree in English summa cum laude from Gwynedd Mercy College in Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania.