The Maine Birthday Book

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This is the story of a chickadee, trying to decide on a birthday wish.  His friends, each from a different county in Maine, offer up suggestions. This book is suitable for all ages.  When reading to a toddler, I usually don't even read the text.  We turn the pages and talk about the pictures, and this book lends itself perfectly for that.  Then an older preschooler will enjoy the story line, the art, and will ask questions about the various animals.  Older kids will be interested in the variety of animals, and will get the concept of counties in Maine, and it's varied environments.  And even older kids could be challenged to learn the names of the counties, their location and maybe discover where people they know in Maine live. And the best part?  The reader will also learn something about Maine that they didn't know before.  A very solid book, hardcover, that will grow with the child


Illustrated by Laura Winslow

52 pages, 11 by 10 inches.