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The turning of a page.

My cherished childhood memories are of fishing with my father.  As a young man, it was all about the fish, as an older man, it is about the experience.  And maybe you catch a fish.  Each season of life has it own texture, as time draws on, it isn't quite as easy to get out of the stream, but it is always easy to get behind the fly tying vise.

I tied my first flies nearly 40 years ago and remember the day I caught a trout on a fly that I tied.  As I turn the page on a long career in medicine I can thank both time on the trout stream and time at the vise, as something that has provided resilience and helped with the stress of this career.  Psychologists call it Flow.  A state of mind where one is deeply engaged, it is fun, and we lose track of time.

When asked what I do, I've responded being a cardiologist; in but a few short months, I will happily indicate I am a Registered Maine Guide, the owner operator of a touring company, and a creator of flies that look darn nice hanging on the wall.  Thank you!  Scott Deron, Moosehead Lake, Maine.

Maine Proud Streamers:  Commemorating our Nation and two must-see-before-you-die places in our great state, the Maine Proud Streamer plate features the USA fly, the Greenville Ghost and Acadia Starlight, all original designs by myself.  The Greenville Ghost is in honor of Moosehead Lake's town of Greenville, a quintessential Maine town worth a visit anytime of year.  The jewel of the Maine coast is Acadia National Park, internationally recognized dark sky site unparalleled for stargazing like you've never seen before.  This fly is made with UV active materials which "ignite" when a black light is shown upon it.

Maine Streamer Series:  In the early 20th century, Carrie Stevens, a hat designer, turned her talents to creating what has become the iconic Maine streamer fly, the Gray Ghost.  Carrie received international fame when Field and Stream reported on her catch of a 6 pound 13 ounce brook trout using the Gray Ghost in Upper Dam, Maine, 1924.  Carrie went on to design effective and beautiful flies which Maine Fly Art offers as numbered and signed shadow boxed plates of 3 streamer flies.  This plate features the Micky Doodle, the Gray Ghost and my design of the Moosehead Major.

New England Sports Streamers: New Englanders are known for their rabid pride in their sports teams.  This plate celebrates the Sox with the Fenway Flame featuring baseball stitching on the fly's body; the Celtic Smelt has a splash of color representing Maine's land locked salmon's main forage fish, the rainbow smelt.  And the Bruins Bomber is menacing and intimidating, just like our boys on the ice.

All of the plates come in an 8 by 8 inch shadow box, available in white or black frames.