Large Cutting or Charcuterie Board

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This J. Wentworth board is made from solid hardwood, mostly from local, Maine forests.  The primary woods used are sugar maple, cherry, yellow birch, red oak and walnut.  There are occasionally strips of exotic, accent woods such and wenge and padouk.  Many of the boards are selected because of their beauty and figure.  Tiger maple and flame birch have unusual grain patterns that are carefully selected and included.

John Wentworth grew up in the furniture making business, in 1947 his family started Moosehead Furniture, the largest privately owned furniture factory in New England. In his workshop overlooking Lake Hebron, John continues to make custom pieces and cabinetry as well as repair classic Moosehead furniture. 

Wood needs to be oiled periodically not just to maintain its luster, but to keep it protected.  To refresh the finish you may use a cutting board oil.

Clean with a rag dampened with warm water.  Do not use soap or harsh chemicals, soak in water or put into the dishwasher, this will ruin the finish.  Instructions will come with the board for it's care.

This board is 12 by 18 inches, we also have smaller boards in stock.