History of the Moosehead Region

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If you have any Moosehead region family history, you'll be scanning these photos looking for long lost relatives like I did.  And I found some!  These books are full of photos from beginning to end, and descriptive text with each.  Perfect for a gift, or to add to your own library.

Logging and Lumbering in Maine  Donald A Wilson.  127 pages.  From in the woods to in the mills, and all the transportation of lumber in between.  Some of us lived this history, our brothers, fathers and grandfathers lived the lumbering jobs.  More than you ever thought possible to know about Maine logging.  

Baxter State Park and Katahdin  John W Neff and Howard R. Whitcomb  125 pages. The gift for us all, Baxter State Park, and the beauty that can even be seen from Moosehead on a clear day, Mt. Katahdin.  Everything you ever wanted to know about both, a well written history.

The Moosehead Lake Region 1900-1950  Everett L Parker  128 pages.  Dr. Parker is a local historian and was the director of the Moosehead Historical Society for many years.  He has chapters in this book for Greenville, Shirley, Kineo, Rockwood, Kokadjo, The North Woods and Railroads of the North Woods.  You'll find photos in here you've never seen before.

The Moosehead Lake Region.  Nathan D Hamiliton anc Cynthia A. Thayer 128 pages.  Nathan and Cynthia's father, Gerald D Hamilton was a local antique collector and historian.  This book has photos from his collection and the Sander's collection, plus many other local families.  Originally published in 1995, but if you haven't read it yet, you'll still delight in all the photos and history.