The Brockton Tragedy at Moosehead Lake

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On May 13, 1928, ten prominent men of Brockton, Massachusetts, headed off on a fishing trip to Moosehead Lake in Maine.  After traveling 14 hours, the group met Maine guide Samuel Budden and boarded the Mac II for the final voyage to their destination.  Approximately six miles from the Tomhegan sporting camp, the boat took on water in rough seas and tank, taking Budden and all but one of the adventurers to a watery grave.  Jim Benson and Nicole Casper chronicle this horrific tragedy and its legacy in two New England communities. 

James E. Benson


Twenty days before "The Brockton Tragedy at Moosehead Lake" was published, Jim Benson passed away on April 18, 2018, at the age of 60.  An author of six books and co-author of three, Jim researched this book for over five years to preserve the memorable but mostly forgotten event in Brockton's history.

111 pages.