Slate Shingle from Shaw Block

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This product is going to cost you more to ship than to buy.  They are heavy.  These shingles were cut from Monson quarries 130 years ago.  They've been sitting atop of the Shaw Block since it's completion in 1893.  They are rough cut, not perfect by any means.  But cleaned up (and I can do that before I ship if you want), they would make a nice little hanging chalkboard for your grocery list or motivational quote.  My plan is to eventually get some of these laser cut with something, maybe SHAW BLOCK, 1893, I'm not sure what.  But until then, I thought some of you might want the raw product.  Each shingle has two nail holes cut, and are 9 by 14 inches in size. 

These shingles are old and fragile.  I am wrapping them very well, but we all know how things move through the shipping process.  They already have chips, but I am shipping only whole ones.  If yours breaks during shipping, I will gladly refund The $5 you paid.  But given the cost of shipping these, I can not replace any broken ones, I'm sorry. I do normally replace any products broken during shipping, but these shingles will be exempt from that policy.  I'm not making much money on these with a $5 price, but I wanted as many people as possible to have a piece of this history.  

There's always the option of "local pick up" when you're checking out online, so if you come to Greenville, you won't have to pay anything for shipping.