Shaw Block Print

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Anyone who loves Greenville, and grew up here or visited, knows this building as the heart of Greenville.  Years ago it was a movie theater, had ballroom dancing, apartments, a jewelry store...and of course the Indian Store.  Now it houses Kamp Kamp retail with a candy store, and Higgin's Real Estate.  It's slate roof has surely been it's salvation, and everyone waits for the day the Shaw Block gets a new coat of paint!

These prints by Milton Christianson are giclees of his original watercolors.  They are fine art, limited-edition reproductions on acid free paper and are archival.

Milt Christianson has lived and worked in Maine since 1970.   He began his art career silk screening t-shirts and posters in the Waterville area.    Since then he has traveled and painted in India, Australia, and Russia, as well as much of the United States. He exhibits in Maine and in Tucson, Arizona, and is presently traveling in the west for a year to paint.

 I only have 2 of these prints, once they are gone, you won't see them until Milt comes back a year from now.