Raspberry, Chocolate & Moose

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Nothing says love like chocolate, and the rich chocolate caramel from Northwoods Gourmet Girl will say love sweetly.  The raspberry jam, a large 10 ounce jar, is also a treat and from NWGG of Greenville.  The raspberry candle and moose candle are made by Maine Mountain Soap and Candle of Greenville.  You choose the type of sign, wooden or slate, and the message, all created by Dawn Jennison of Shirley.  The adorable whittled moose is crafted by Sharon Kimball, the card from Moose River Card Shop of Rockwood.  Finally, choose what you would like your gift to arrive in, a pine crate or canvas bag, both made locally.  Lots of Moosehead Love!  And then, just for the fun of it, dark chocolate Dove hearts thrown in too.