Moose Antler Bottle Opener

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No moose were harmed in the making of these bottle openers!  :)  They are made from moose "sheds", the antlers that are dropped each winter.  Then the moose grows new antlers, bigger and better.

Hunting for moose sheds has become a pastime for some locals, even training their dogs to sniff them out.  Fresh drops, found before mice and porcupine chew on them, are sought after for wall mounts and crafting.  Tim Messier creates some beautiful unique pieces and is at the craft fairs in Greenville.  We only carry his smaller pieces, these bottle openers and some compasses.

Each piece is different, not only the antler piece itself, but also the painting Tim does.  After you order one, I am more than happy to email a photo of the pieces we have in stock at the time, so you can choose which one you want.