Merry Moose Christmas Crate

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This gift crate from the woods of Maine is so cheerful!  And it has so much history.  The slate that the ornament and sign are painted on was quarried in Monson about 100 years ago.  It was used as a roof shingle, then when the house was torn down, Dawn Jennison of Shirley rescued the shingles and repurposes them for her art.  The cheery balsam bag also used upcycled materials, the balsam is last year's Christmas trees, recycled by Moosehead Balsam Fir of Greenville. The two candles, a holly votive and moose candle, are both made by Maine Mountain Soap and Candle of Greenville.  The woodsman Santa is modeled after Sharon Kimball's own woodsman father, who she grew up watching creating in his work shop.  She whittles and hand paints each ornament.  Your choice of cards, crafted by Moose River Card Shop of Rockwood.  Even the wooden crate and canvas bag are locally made, your choice.  Lots of local art and craft packed into one gift.