Knitting Basket

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Aptly named, it's the first thing I thought of when I saw this basket.  It's so pretty on it's own, light reed and pastel bands of color.  But with balls of yarn in it, it would be perfection.  9 inches tall, and another 2 inches with the handles.  The bottom is tightly woven, 9 inches across.   

Pat Huckins is based in Greenville, on Prong Pond, and has been weaving baskets for many years.  She learned to weave at a class in Hallowell and has enjoyed it ever since.  She has taught many classes in the past and her favorite student and fellow weaver is her nephew Levi.  Levi is a bright young man with Autism, though he does not let Autism define him.  He loves to travel, surf, down hill ski, swim, and compete in Special Olympics.  Levi and his Aunt Pat have started a new venture selling their baskets on Moosehead Marketplace.  They hope you enjoy the baskets as much as they enjoy making them.