Jolly Holiday Scents

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Such a big part of the holiday experience are all the scents that remind us of our favorite times.  In this crate there's the peppermint room spray, and 6 votives (that last for hours and hours), 2 each hollyberry, vanilla and balsam.  Those, plus the lip balm and tree hand soap, are made here in Greenville by Maine Mountain Soap and Candle, a small family business.  The balsam bag is also made here in Greenville by Moosehead Balsam Fir, and the gingerbread Mom is whittled and hand painted by Sharon Kimball.  My husband builds the crates in our workshop, this crate is the smaller of the two we make, but is still really useful after the contents are used.  We have one as a "fruit bowl".  The cards, your choice, are made in Rockwood by Moose River Card Shop.