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Because you know hikers like to travel light, this combo arrives in a gift bag, not a crate.  It's the latest edition of hikes in the Moosehead region.  And snacks to either eat while reading the book, or actually hiking.  Yummy maple peanuts made by Baker's Sugar Shack in Shirley, a 16 ounce mason jar full.  The sweet and spicy walnuts are made by North Woods Gourmet Girl, this is the 8 ounce bag.  Add a generous half pound bag of trail mix put together by Vanessa Folsom of the Moosehead Outdoor Alliance group, a new backwoods biking group.  This gift is perfect for anyone who likes to get out and explore the Moosehead region.  The book is 186 pages. 17 Hikes from the Moosehead region, 12 from Jackman and The Forks, 6 from the Appalachian Trail, 6 from Nahmakanta, 8 from "up North", for a total of 50 hikes.  Location, total length, map, hiking time, level of difficulty, water sources, views and more