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Cardinals mean so many different things, for some, a bright cheery bird on a cold winter day.  For others, a sign that someone they've lost is watching over them.  Either way, this gift crate is full of love. 

We've added a jar of strawberry jam made by Moose Bee of Greenville.  The square candle and soap are crafted by Maine Mountain Soap & Candle of Greenville.  The cardinal is whittled and hand painted by Sharon Blanchard Kimball, carrying on a family tradition of wood craft.   And the balsam bag is also made here in Greenville, by a family business who upcycles Christmas trees.  But the newest addition, is a stained glass cardinal, hand crafted by Michelle Wyman.  Each stained glass cardinal will be a little different.

Your choice of a handcrafted card, and whether you want your gift to arrive in a pine crate or canvas bag, both made locally.