Brown Ash Bowl, 10 inch

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A very pretty bowl, grain going every which way.  It's a perfect size for a fruit bowl, or a 2-3 person salad.

From the bowlmaker, Ed Hoovler, "A few years ago, I mentioned to Rogan, a family based logger, that I would admire to get a large brown ash log should he ever come across such a wonder.  He didn't forget.  Important to note that the brown ash is used by the Penobscot basket makers for their woven baskets."

These are hand-made wooden bowls, created one at a time from local trees, in Ed Hoovler's Monson workshop. From the time a tree is identified as a possible source of interesting, useful, well-crafted bowls to the end of the finishing and buffing process, nearly a year passes. The wood is shaped, set off to dry for 6+ months, given its final shape, hand-sanded in a 10-step procedure, finished in a 6-step technique and, finally, buffed in three-step operation. Theses bowls are meant to be used and are easy to maintain. Wash in warm soap and water, then dry with a soft cloth. Do not soak and do not use in a microwave. When the finish becomes dull over the course of time, renew with a liberal hand application of mineral oil, allow to sit for 30 minutes, then polish with a soft cloth. #743