Bigger Black Belly Bear

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This bear also has a big personality!  People tell me they've had Joe's bears for years and love having them around.  Joe has been carving bears with a chainsaw for over 40 years in Greenville.  From artist Joe Bolf: "My chainsaw carvings are made of pine logs.  Logs check, which is a nice word for crack. This happens because the outside of the log dries faster than the inside. Sitting your carving in direct sunlight speeds up this process. When placed outdoors the carving will check and then maybe close up because of the moisture in the air and rain. When kept indoors, humidity, or lack of it, will cause the same effects. Although some people get upset about chainsaw carvings cracking, it isn't a big deal. It is the nature of the art form."  This bear is about 16 inches tall from the base to ears, and the base is about 8 by 8 inches.

Check out our youtube video with Joe demonstrating his carving.

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