Audio Bible Sung To Rock Music on USB

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30 Albums…296 Songs…32 Hours of music.  Includes, Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Ruth, King David and the New Testament.  USB for easy transfer of files to computer, flashdrive, cd & dvd.  Can be used on phones and ipads with appropriate adapter.

Recorded in Greenville, Maine

 A preview can be seen & heard at:

 Album covers are wood panels carved by Joe Bolf.

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Endorsers of this project:

 “Joe has turned some of our Bible story images into some wonderfulwood carvings. What an artistic talent and creative musician too.”

The FreeBibleimages team.

 "Hey Rock music fans, Let me introduce you to a different way to hear the Bible. Joe Bolf and crew have produced the Bible, not READ but sung with rock music as the vehicle to carry the word.   With a "Dylanish" sound, a Great musical team and a commitment to having people hear the Bible, Joe has undertaken this great feat with his usual style."    

Pastor Steve Nute,Vice president of the Biker Bible Institute, Producer of "You Ponder That"

 No wifi needed