A Moosehead Morning Crate

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This crate can be enjoyed at Moosehead some morning, or as a sweet reminder of other Moosehead mornings.  Coffee, jam and cornbread mix all put together by Lakeshore Provisions of Greenville.  The chickadee balsam bag was just made fresh by Moosehead Balsam Fir.  And everyone's favorite tiny sweet bird, the chickadee, is whittled and hand painted by Sharon Blanchard Kimball.  The coffee cup from Auntie M's is a perfect reminder to wrap your hands around.  All packed into, your choice, either a handcrafted pine crate from our own workshop, or locally sewn canvas bag.  Don't forget to pick out a card, handcrafted by Moose River Card Shop of Rockwood.  This gift is certain to make anyone who loves the Moosehead region very happy.