A Merry Maine Crate

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These are not sample sizes!  That's a 16 ounce maple syrup, with a reusable mug.  It's made by my sister and her husband, a light amber deliciousness.  The balsam fir bag is made by Moosehead Balsam Fir, the sign by Dawn Jennison, and the card (your choice) by Moose River Card Shop.  Also your choice to send these gifts in a pine crate we build ourselves, or a canvas bag sewn locally.

Maine Mountain Soap & Candle, from here in Greenville, makes the rest of those products.  The square candle is soy, with a sweet balsam scent.  The tapers are rolled beeswax.  The balm-it-all is their own special blend in a tin, made for chapped hands and feet.

All together, this combination is a reminder to someone, of just how much you love them.