2015 View From Indian Hill Print 14 by 19

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A larger image, also available on this site as an 11 by 15.  This is a welcome sight to many returning to their homes or cabins in Greenville and surrounding Moosehead area.  This latest version is a warm reminder of that moment we come over Indian Hill and get that view.

These prints by Milton Christianson are giclees of his original watercolors.  They are fine art, limited-edition reproductions on acid free paper and are archival.  

Milt Christianson has lived and worked in Maine since 1970.   He has traveled and painted in India, Australia, and Russia, as well as much of the United States. He exhibits in Maine and in Tucson, AZ.

Milt lives on land he homesteaded in the small, remote town of Wellington in the northwoods of Maine, a little southwest of Greenville.